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  • At singular projects, or as the final stage of land development operations, MONSA URBANISMO has a long and wide experience
  • MONSA URBANISMO´s original workfield, in wich it was pioneer at the northwest of Spain.  Today, its experience is apparent in
  • The property valuation is an activity necessarily linked to urban planning and land development and building activities. In MONSA URBANISMO,
  • MONSA URBANISMO, as a comprehensive consultancy at engineering, urban planning and construction, is in position to fully undertake real estate
  • Warehouse construction is, by nature, a specific field inside building activity. Its recent evolution leads to a massive use of
  • Currently, land development is under deep transformation. While the general lines of urban planning are under government control, the actual
  • Every on-site work must, by law, count with an Health & Safety Coordinator. Its appointment is charged to the developer,
  • As a necesary stage at the land development proccess, civil engineering for urban infraestructures is a natural work field for
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